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The Albion Moan-In - The Ultimate Fans Phone-in!

The Albion Moan-In is the internet webcast that gives supporters the opportunity to discuss their opinions about the club with a freedom that conventional radio doesn't allow.
A mix of healthy debate and comedy, along with some callers whos mental state needs to be called into question. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Albion Moan-In is what you've been waiting for!

Topics For Discussion On Sunday 18th December @ 21:00
Following Brighton's loss at home to Burnely in which the Albion played most of the game with only 9 men, Gus Poyet told BBC Sussex "If the fans wants to put a £1 each and get £10-15 grand and we pay all together, I can comment on the referee"

Tonight on the Albion Moan-In we will be looking to do just that! Call, Email, Tweet during the show to pledge a donation which will allow Gus to speak his mind. It could be this years Christmas Miracle! If you use Twitter, spread the word using the hashtag #15kforGus

Discipline: We'll also be looking at the Albion's disciplinary record and discussing if there is really some sort of conspiracy against the club.

Presents: As it's Christmas we want to know what players Tony Bloom should buy for Gus Poyet to boost the team for 2012

Resolutions: Speaking of 2012, what are your suggestions for News Years Resolutions for the Albion Players? Should Craig Noone make it his aim to secure a contract as a recording artist?

All this and any other points you'd like to discuss LIVE on the Albion Moan-In!

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The Albion Moan-In is all about participation from the fans.
If you're unable to call us then why not send us your views on anything we're talking about via our magical pop-up contact form. Click here to contact the Albion Moan-In
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  The Albion Podcast Episode 19 - November 6th 2011
Albion Moan-In PodcastAlbion Moan-In ep19 - 43 Minutes 40mb Direct Download
With Brighton ending a 10 game winless streak by defeating Barnsley 2-0 at the Amex on Sunday afternoon, there was no better way to celebrate than with an Albion Moan-In!
We heaped praise on Mauricio Taricco, discussed Gus' attitude regarding his style of play. Expectations for the season were once again reassessed. October's Albion player of the month was revealed and we found out what exciting events have been going on in the 1901 club from our good friend Malcolm.

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