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Crocs on Tour > 2011-12 > Barnsley

Barnsley - Saturday 28/04/12

A 12.30pm kick off in deepest darkest Yorkshire, the last game of the season, nothing to play for for either side and the Albion haven't won in seven games, falling from serious play off contenders to top ten material. Who would want to go all the way to Barnsley for a pointless game of football? Well, 1357 Brighton fans did and the Crocs were among them, hoping that their efforts would be awarded with a first away win since the beginning of October. Even a first away goal since the end of March would be nice

Mode of Transport:
The ridiculous kick off time of 12.30pm meant a 5.30pm departure on the train from Brighton. Even worse was the journey home, with our train not being booked to leave Sheffield until 7.30pm - a whole five hours after kick off
It was a 4-4-2 line up with a staffing situation of: Gonzalez, Calderon, El-Abd, Dunk, Mattock; Buckley, Vicente, Bridcutt, Dicker; Barnes, Mackail-Smith
Barnsley went with their dashing numbers of red shirts, white shorts and red socks. The obvious colour clash this produced with blue and white forced the Albion into the luminous green and black stripes, black shorts and luminous green socks away uniforms. David Gonzalez opten for a white jersey along with black shorts and royal blue socks in goal
Gus Poyet's Attire:
It was a fresh yet reasonable day in South Yorkshire allowing Gus to wear his standard issue suit, no tie
Spots of rain were in the air at one point, but ultimately it was a dry if fresh and windy day
Stadium Rating:
Oakwell is an old ground that has become reasonably modern. Three large stands behind both goals and down one side are joined by a traditional, two tiered old style stand that lends the ground a rather unbalanced look but it is nonetheless homely. 6/10
Food Rating:
What food? In an incredible moment, the only hot food left by half time was chips. And if you didn't like chips - well, you were buggered. 0/10
Some northern slags prancing about pretending to be cheerleaders was as good as it got. 3/10
Friendliness of Locals:
Yorkshire folk are of course very welcoming and despite the obvious and well known hatred between the two clubs that prompted a mass of police and police horses on the streets of Barnsley, the expected riots and street-to-street battles didn't materialise. 7/10
Standard of Local Females:
Yorkshire girls are well known to be the fittest in the land - especially in Sheffield. Unfortunately, Barnsley seems to have missed out on it's fair share of rat with most of them being average at best. 5/10
Steward Rating:
Had a laugh and a joke and were generally in a jovial mood. 8/10
Flag Attention:
The flag was not taken for reasons unknown
Match Report:
Brighton and Hove Albion rewarded the one thousand plus fans who made the last day trip of the season to Oakwell by putting in an inspiring performance that saw them draw 0-0. We'd love to give a more in-depth report, but that is literally all that happened. 30 well spent
Thought of the Day:
At last weeks Birmingham game, Vicente was carrying a little blonde girl around the pitch with him on the lap of honour. Spanish people are not blonde, so could it be that this is in fact where Maddie has been hiding all this time?

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