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Brighton and Hove Albion - Falmer Stadium

The American Express Community Stadium

After over a decade of planning battles, work is finally underway on providing Brighton and Hove Albion with their long awaited new home on university land in Falmer. We will be bringing regular updates from the site as the dream is turned into a reality ahead of the Albion's opening scheduled opening season in the brand new community stadium come August 2011. Go Inside the Amex - June 24th 2011
With the building work and the handover now complete, Brighton and Hove Albion FC officially own the American Express Community Stadium. On June 24th, we were lucky enough to go inside our fabulous new home to acquire 50 photos for you and can say for a fact that the battle to get the new stadium was well and truly worth it - roll on August 6th!
Amex from the Downs - March 25th 2011
Despite our chronic phobia of exercise, we cycle the South Downs Way from the top of Ditchling Beacon through to Stanmer Park. The results? Some stunning long distance views of the nearly-completed Amex, making a mockery of the clubs claims it wouldn't be visible from some of Sussex' finest countryside. If anything, it's an improvement to it!
Year of the Amex - January 18th 2011
Nearly a quarter of a million pounds is now being spent daily up at that tidy little development at Village Way, Falmer as Withdean prepares to host it's last 12 league games . Two weeks into the Year of the Amex, we paid another visit to see how things were coming on as season ticket holders flock to the site to pick their seats for next season.
Freezing Falmer - November 23rd 2010
Not even freezing weather can detract from the beauty of what is developing on Village Way, Falmer as we returned for our first visit in six weeks before setting off for the Southampton away game. The exterior of the North Stand is now completed, and preparation work appears to be beginning on the pitch as the surface is dug up
Falmer from Afar - October 8th 2010
Two things are very striking when viewing The Amex from afar - that, when the club said it would "blend into the surroundings", they were talking absolute tripe. And when the opposition said it would "spoil an area of outstanding natural beauty", they were talking an equal amount of rubbish. It is a truly stunning structure on the Sussex landscape. 

Freshers Week Falmer - September 24th 2010
With both universities now opening their doors to the 2010 intake of students, we decided it was as good a time as any to go and eye up fit new students alongside a fit new stadium. The entire roof structure is now in place, work is ongoing on the exterior of the West Stand and what appears to be a new footbridge is going in at Falmer station.

August Bank Holiday at the Amex - August 30th 2010
With the brickwork well underway on the outside of the stadium and the first pieces of the roof going into place on the north and south stands, from a distance Falmer looks like a proper stadium - and, despite all of the clubs claims that it would blend in with the surroundings, it currently sticks out like a sore thumb - a bloody brilliant sore thumb
Stadium Solstice - June 28th 2010
The colossus West Stand arch and roof has been erected in position, and from a distance the outside structure is really beginning to resemble a stadium. The North Stand appears virtually complete, and it won't be too long until work will begin on the interior and exterior of the ground with the majority of the structure now being in place
Stadium in Spring - April 1st 2010
The first beautiful day since Spring time befell us last weekend seemed as good a day as any to return to Falmer. The colossal West Stand is starting to spring up and the first piece of its arch is also on site while construction is now underway on the final piece in the stadium jigsaw, the North Stand
Building in the West - March 16th 2010
Three weeks since our last visit, and the three-tiered structure of the West Stand is beginning to take shape, as well as more work on the South Stand and the landscaping of the field behind it. Apologies for the poor quality, we somehow managed to change the camera settings just prior to taking these with no idea how! Professional, we know!
East Arch Erection - February 23rd 2010
Following on from our visit a week previously when the East Arch was being put into place, we returned to find it fully erect and looking pretty bloody magnificent. Work has continued on the South Stand, while the first pieces of the mammoth West Stand have been put into position
Raising of the East Arch - February 17th 2010
With the large crane on site going off to aid the building of the Olympic Stadium soon, it has played its opening part in the Falmer construction by raising the first piece of the arch that will support the roof of the East Stand into place. The South Stand and foundations of the West Stand have also seen some progress
New Year, New Stadium - February 2nd 2010
It's been just shy of two months since we last took a look at developments at the new community stadium, so here is a brief update and some pictures of how things are looking at Falmer ahead of the exciting "raising of the arch" which is rumored to be taking place at some point in the next month!
Falmer at Christmas - The Video - December 14th 2009
It was a cold December morning when we paid our second visit to Falmer. As well as the East Stand, the concourse area of the South Stand was beginning to take place, one roof arch was on site, and we captured a builder singing "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" on our exclusive video of the site
Falmer Stadium Building The Future - August 25th 2009
Forget the London Olympics in 2012, the big event of the Summer will be the completion and grand opening of the Albion's new stadium, the real home of football. We pay our first of many visits to the Falmer site, where the East Stand has suddenly sprung up from nowhere

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