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Brighton and Hove Albion Board Games

Brighton and Hove Albion have belatedly entered the world of the board game by releasing Brighton and Hove Albion Monopoly for this Christmas.

You can purchase members of Chris Hughton's squad and other assorted Albion legends rather than properties while houses and hotels are replaced by stands and stadiums.

This got us thinking that, while Monopoly may be one of the best board games in the world, it is a market that the club are yet to fully take advantage of as there are plenty more board games that could be given the Brighton and Hove Albion treatment.

And so here is our list of ten new board games that the Albion marketing department could make an absolute killing on.

Guess Who - with David Burke
The band of original Guess Who characters is replaced with all of David Burke's signings - simply guess which player your opponent has. "Does he look like The Rock? Was he signed for an obscene amount from Barnsley? Is he crap? Is it Chris O'Grady?"
Operation - with Kazenga LuaLua
Since signing for the Albion, Kazenga LuaLua has never managed to go more than a couple of months without injury. Could you do a better job at keeping him fit than the Albion's medical team? Prove it by operating on the winger in this new take of the classic game Operation.
Buckaroo - with Leon Best
Buckaroo is an absolute classic - place a set of items on a donkey without him bucking and kicking them all off. Or in this Brighton and Hove Albion version, place a set of items on Leon Best without him bucking and kicking them all off. Future versions set to include Colin Hawkins.
Risk - with Martin Hinshelwood
Promotion has just been won to the second tier for the first time in ten years yet your manager has resigned. Dick Knight takes a huge Risk by appointing managerial rookie Martin Hinshelwood as manager - can you guide him through the season (or at least longer than 12 games)?
Pay Day - with Liam Bridcutt
Pay Day is all about collecting as much money as is possible. This special version see's you win money on behalf of Liam Bridcutt. Hint - the best strategy in the game is to say "you aren't in the right frame of mind to play". ie - go on strike to earn a big money move to Sunderland.
Articulate - with Paul Barber
A fun game for all the family in which contestants must try and describe a Paul Barber buzz phrase such as "Premier League ready", "FFP compliant", "Customers", "Maximise Revenue Streams" or "One Club One Ambition" without using the actual words.
Hungry Hippos - with Guy Butters
This new take on the original classic has each hippo replaced with a figure of Guy Butters. The aim is simply to be the person to get the most marbles into Guy's mouth. A version featuring David Stockdale has had to be shelved due to his weight loss and superb form this season.
Battleship - with Michel Kuipers
Before he signed for the Albion and went on to become a Seagulls legend, Michel Kuipers was in the Dutch navy. And it is your job to keep him safe by making sure your opponent doesn't sink all your ships while you manage to destroy all of theirs.
Cluedo - with Gus Poyet
At the time it was one of the biggest mysterious in Brighton and Hove Albion history. Just who left that infamous pile of faeces in the Crystal Palace changing room before the play-off semi final? It's your job to find out. (We reckon it was the Palace coach driver)
Jumanji - with a countless cast of extras
Jumanji is the board game of nightmares. Not only can it suck you in to live in a jungle, but it can also spit out a succession of terrifying creatures to haunt you. In the Brighton case, expect to see the likes of Scott McGleish, Phil Prosser, Billy Paynter and David Burke all spring forth.