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Brighton and Hove Albion Crisps

Walkers recently handed out limited edition Jamie Vardy crisps - Vardy Salted to celebrate the England striker breaking the Premier League record for goals scored in consecutive games.

Fans attending the Foxes clash with reigning champions Chelsea could pick up the bags featuring Vardy on the front and now they are rumoured to be selling on eBay for up to 1m.

So if Vardy's record is worth celebrating through the medium of snack based items then surely so is the fact that Brighton and Hove Albion have set the second longest unbeaten run from the start of a Championship season? certainly think so and so we've come up with eight crisp flavours that Walkers should be looking to release at an upcoming game at The Amex to celebrate the achievements of this record breaking Brighton and Hove Albion squad.

Ready Saltor
Right back Bruno has been in sparkling form this season. Just like his bald head, Ready Saltor crisps are plain and simple.
Greer & Onion
It's been a solid season at the back and that is largely down to captain Gordon Greer. There is nothing cheesy about his performances.
Prawn Stockdale
After being criticised for his weight last season, David Stockdale has obviously laid off the crisps to have a stunning campaign so far.
Salt & Hunemeier
The BFG became a popular player upon his arrival. With no pretzel Walkers for a taste of his country, he has to settle for Salt and Vinegar.
Beef & Rohan
Beef and Onion is a classic British crisp in the same way Rohan Ince is a classic British player. Loves a tackle.
Roast Chicksen
Roast Chicken is an underrated Walkers flavour - could it be that so is Adam Chicksen given he has hardly played in many years at the club?
Smoky Wilson
The fact that we already are demanding a crisp flavour for James Wilson after just a handful of games says it all about what a signing he is.
Tomer Sauce
Top scorer Tomer Hemed rarely misses the target (unless it is a penalty at Wolves) - just like Worcester Sauce crisps.