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Grand National 2016

The Grand National is the worlds greatest race. Over four miles across the unique and daunting fences of Aintree, it is watched by millions across the world and is often the race where many once-a-year gamblers have their annual bet on the horses.

So fear not if you fancy a wager but don't know who to bet on. We've thrown form, course and distance, RPRs and handicap ratings out of the window and just Brighton and Hove Albion-ised every horse in the race in order to help you pick your favourite by changing them into an Albion player from past our present, as well as providing some handy notes comparing them with their footballer.

Good luck and please remember to bet responsibly.

Runner comments Horse with a big reputation and an even bigger stomach after developing a liking for oats. Poor attitude has seen him never live up to his reputation.
Runner comments Appeared just once so far before being discarded after two other horses were found to be lame. One of the most pointless Tattersalls purchases of all time.
Runner comments Very popular customer despite being a non-starter in January 2011 who can often be found galloping down the outside at pace.
Runner comments Scored one of the most celebrated wins of this century in October 2005 which has left him well loved ever since.
Runner comments Prone to bucking in fits of rage in his younger days, this experienced horse has calmed down remarkably as age has mellowed him. Has a balding mane.
Runner comments Class act and a loyal servant who has been a regular winner over a now-unparalleled 11 years of constant service, moving from the bottom to the top with ease.
Runner comments Bought in from Scandinavia because of his potential, little is known about this horse as neither hind nor hoof has been seen of him since his arrival in Britain.
Runner comments Diminutive yet generous type, he is the definition of a horse that makes dreams come true. Rarely heard from owing to a tongue tie.
Runner comments Young New Zealand import and a real predator who provided excellent back up as third string.
Runner comments Not the fastest of horses and has a lot of condition on him. Does a tidy job at the back of the field. He is always in trouble should they go a quick gallop.
Runner comments Big money purchase in a time of frugality, he is another who struggled to live up to the price tag.
Runner comments Lack of experience on the track cannot count against him as he is a supporting horse who has always been there in times of need.
Runner comments Dutch import looked superb in his early races admittedly in low class fields. Has since dropped well off the radar.
Runner comments One of the most popular horses of all time, clinical over fences and has every attribute you could possibly wish for.
Runner comments Fast horse with time on his side to develop into a real class player, he loves to use his powerful engine to weave through the field.
Runner comments One of the great comeback stories of all time, he loved his oats a bit too much and as a result was nearly sold on eBay before becoming a top class prospect in his twilight years.
Runner comments Class act who has adapted his style from powerful frontrunner outpacing them all to a more subtle hold up horse in recent years. Remains extremely popular.
Runner comments One who never gives up, it took him an age to score but once he had one result in the bank he couldn't be stopped. Nicknamed The Bear for his tenacity.
Runner comments An undoubtedly talented horse who has struggled with alcohol problems (which does in fact make a horses coat more shiny). Once rode into a lamppost while drunk.
Runner comments Another to have arrived only after several horses were found to be lame, his couple of outings were far from convincing.
Runner comments Star performer in his younger years when the sky looked the limit, his coat and ability seem to have deserted him recently.
Runner comments It was a gamble at the time to bring this horse in from Spain but one that has proved richly vindicated as he has sailed through the classes to the very top of the grade.
Runner comments Came from nowhere to impress in his debut campaign. A rangy type who looks awkward but races with a strange grace. Has struggled to place recently.
Runner comments Definition of a workhorse who despite limited talented has forged a career out of never giving up even if he is 40l off the leader.
Runner comments Quiet and unassuming horse who responds well to negative tactics. He usually leaves it late to make his move into the top six.
Runner comments Made a blistering start to his career before suffering a meltdown that not even a tongue tie, blinkers or a hood could rectify. A waste of talent.
Runner comments Part of a golden generation bred by Dean Wilkins, just like many of his stalemates he never lived up to the hype that was afforded.
Runner comments Solid performer who will give his all no matter where you position him in a race. Never happier than being ridden out in the community.
Runner comments An underrated race who many feel was never given the big opportunities that his talent deserved.
Runner comments Limited performer who provided punters with some rare chinks of light in the darkest days
Runner comments Arrived in Britain as a highly regarded horse but it soon became clear he was not up to the standard with some saying he was uncontrollable when it came to taking others out.
Runner comments Experienced leader who these days asks a pace maker for getting younger horses through their races.
Runner comments Loves to gallop down the outside of the track, this new import has made an instant impression with a number of strong showings, especially at far flung tracks.
Runner comments Ferocious battler who never knows when he is beaten. Once got in trouble at the start as ear plugs meant he couldn't hear what the starter was saying to him.
Runner comments Spanish import who looked quite good in a time of bleakness before homesickness took it's toll as he missed his horsebox back in Spain.
Runner comments Desperation purchase more than anything else, he surprised everyone by scoring some vital successes. Huge and powerful.
Runner comments Previously a reliable and no nonsense horse, he struggled with injuries which have severely restricted his on track appearances.
Runner comments Struts around with a sense of arrogance which he has never backed up on the track. Owners must consider him a waste of money.
Runner comments Has a record of deliberate interference and polarises opinion between those who love him and those who hate him. No doubt he is a trier but can be extremely frustrating.
Runner comments Huge horse with a massive stride who loves nothing better than tossing it in in his races. Comfortable anywhere in the field.
Runner comments Does nothing but attack which can leave him open to accusations of being one dimensional. Makes up for his lack of size with a steely resolve.
Runner comments Class act who uses his pace and guile to pick apart fields at will. Once he gets going he can be genuinely unstoppable.
Runner comments Slow and steady, he has been around for years and go do a job wherever positioned in the field.
Runner comments Angry Scottish customer, he loves to be ridden negatively to the point where every other horse wipes each other out allowing him to come through and steal the win.