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Brighton and Hove Albion Halloween Party

Unless you are one of those sad acts who doesn't celebrate anything that has been over commercialised by our American cousins, than Halloween is a brilliant time of year.

It gives an excuse to throw a totally unnecessary party in which it is completely acceptable to whack on some fancy dress and act like a kid again.

But have you ever thought of combining two of the best things in the world, namely Halloween and Brighton and Hove Albion? We have - and we've come up with exactly what you need to throw a Seagulls Themed Halloween Party...

Ian Hauntedhouse
One of the absolute basics you need for Halloween is the traditional haunted house - or in this case an Ian Hauntedhouse, run by former defender of the late 1990s' turned coach Ian Culverhouse.
Craig Full Moon
Supernatural and paranormal stuff always tends to happen when a Craig Full Moon is around so we'll definitely need one of them. Step forward Craig Noone whose cheeky little face will form the Man in the Moon legend.
Ian Bairdwolf
A Craig Full Moon in the sky would also lead to striker Ian Baird's transformation into Ian Bairdwolf, a dangerous individual who fights and maims. Just like he did to become the last Albion player to be sent off at the Goldstone.
Zombie Zamora
Twelve years after disappearing from Brighton and Hove Albion, Bobby Zamora has risen again to start scoring for the Seagulls. It is no coincidence it has happened in the run up to Halloween, making him the perfect zombie.
Nathan Bones
Zombie Zamora isn't the only thing to have returned from the double winning title squad of 2001-02 - Nathan Jones also has as first team coach. Every Halloween celebration needs a skeleton so who better than Nathan Bones?
Stuart Mummy
Nobody seems to know what has happened to full back Stuart Munday since he left the club in the mid 1990s so we can only presume he has been mummified, turning into Stuart Mummy and is now waiting for a triumphant Halloween return.
The Alex Devil
What creature could possibly raise all these unnatural beings from the dead and then unleash them on The Amex? There is only one powerful enough to do so and he is the scariest of the lot - the Alex Devil.
Darren Demon
Alex Devil can't do all the work himself, he needs his minions from Hell to help. And in this case he has called upon the most loyal of them all. So powerful he scored the first goal of the Millennium, Darren Freeman is the Darren Demon.
Sam Warlock
For all this evil floating around, we need some creature with a little bit of good magic in it to fight off Alex Devil, Darren Demon and their crew. Something like a Sam Warlock, a good soul who tries his best with limited results so far.
Inigo Cauldron
Sam Warlock might have his hands full, for it isn't just creatures of the supernatural you need to be aware of on Halloween. There are witches abound everywhere as well, brewing up trouble with their Inigo Cauldrons.
Peter Wand
Of course the witches main instrument of terror is her Peter Wand which can cast spells and cause destruction all over the world. Much like Peter Ward did to defences every time he pulled on a Brighton shirt in the 1970s.
Chris Black Cattlin
It can be a solitary life for a witch, casting spells and making general mischief. That is why you rarely see one without their ever faithful companion - a Chris Black Cattlin. No Halloween would be complete without one.
Ian Spider Mellor
Do you know what else a Halloween wouldn't be complete without? That most scary of small creatures, the Spider Mellor. Particularly dangerous when used in tandem with a Peter Wand we've heard.
Daniel Cobweb
Spider Mellor needs somewhere to live, and that place is in it's own Daniel Cobwebb. The Daniel Cobwebb is an essential part of any Halloween set up - if you have an Ian Hauntedhouse, you can guarantee it will be covered in them.
Jake Forster-Casket
With so much death and creatures of the spirit world around, where can you put them once you have captured them? The best place is undoubtedly locked tight within the confides of a Jake Forster-Casket buried deep under ground.
John Pumpkin
Of course Halloween doesn't have to be all scary - one of the better traditions that the entire family can get involved in is creating a John Pumpkin - a pumpkin in which the face of Johnny Crumplin Football Genius is carved.