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Delve into moments from Brighton and Hove Albion's past with our list of historical features
Cup woes - Brighton's 15 exits to lower league sides
Following Brighton's 1-1 draw with Ipswich Town on Valentines Day, we look back at 30 years of Albion games on the most romantic day of the year in a feature that will probably have you considering sacking off your partner for the Albion next time.
The Curse of Valentines Day
Following Brighton's 1-1 draw with Ipswich Town on Valentines Day, we look back at 30 years of Albion games on the most romantic day of the year in a feature that will probably have you considering sacking off your partner for the Albion next time.
Top 10 Brighton and Hove Albion EFL Trophy Moments
Brighton are back in the ELF Trophy for the first time in six years following the announcement that the Seagulls Under 23 side will take part. To celebrate, we look back at our top 10 Albion moments in this great and famous competition.
Brighton and Hove Albion Kit Cock Ups
With the announcement of the announcement that Brighton will be releasing a new kit in the next few days stoking anger that they couldn't just get on with it, we take a look back at some of the glorious kit cock ups that have littered the Albion's recent past.
Hyyp-replacement - who next for Brighton and Hove Albion?
After just six months in charge, Sami Hyypia has resigned as Brighton and Hove Albion manager with the club in a world of relegation trouble. We've put together the leading 25 candidates to take on the job and assess whether they are the right man (or woman) to save us from League One.
Curse of October
The last time Brighton and Hove Albion won a game in October was in 2010. Since then four years, 19 games, a US Presidential election and a Royal engagement, wedding and two babies have all passed. We take a look at the Seagull's remarkable run of form in the tenth month of the year.
End of an Errea Part Five - 2011-2014
Against all the odds, we have actually completed the run down of every single kit Errea produced during their 15 years supplying the Albion. The fifth and final part focuses on the last three season of Amex football and two of the finest away and goalkeepers kits of the lot. Not a bad way to finish.
End of an Errea Part Four - 2008-2011
End of an Errea part four takes a look at the final few kits of the Withdean era including the somewhat bizarre and questionable decision to have a home, away and third kit that were all blue. And not forgetting the glorious designs of that League One title season.
End of an Errea Part Three - 2005-2008
2005-2008 was a golden period for Brighton and Hove Albion kits with a raft of simply wonderful goalkeeper uniforms and three "special edition one offs" to fleece fans out of 40. They all feature in the third part of our End of an Errea series.
Oscar Gar-see-ya - who next for the Albion?
Oscar Garcia's resignation leaves the Albion looking for a new manager for the second consecutive summer after play off semi final heartbreak. We take a look at the positives and negatives of 25 of the leading candidates to become Brighton manager for 2014-15.
End of an Errea Part Two - 2002-2005
Part two of our look back through 15 years of Errea kits covers 2002-2005. One relegation, one play off final and two seasons in the Championship against all the odds set to a backdrop of a ridiculous number of goalkeeper kits. Including THAT pink one.
End of an Errea Part One - 1999-2002
With Errea set to end their 15 years as "technical partner" to Brighton and Hove Albion, the first of our five part series looking at every kit they made for the Seagulls looks back at 1999-2002. *Warning: This does include photos of Mark Walton.*
Inside the new Training Ground - October 2013
Another step towards having everything in place for Premier League football for the Albion is the new state-of-the-art training ground just outside Lancing. Set to open in time for the 2014-15 season, we joined Oscar Garcia, Martin Perry and Paul Barber for a look around.
Brighton's Best Beards
The beard is rarely seen on the football pitch in England in the 21st Century. With the passing of Tony Grealish, one of the finest bearded men to play for the Albion, we trawl through the archives and take a look back at the top ten beards seen in a Brighton shirt.
Withdean's Greatest XI Revealed
You've been voting for nine weeks for the twelve men who have been the best to pull on the stripes during the eleven year stay at our former temporary home at the Theatre of Trees. Now we can exclusively reveal just who you have chosen to be in our Withdean's Greatest XI dream team
Withdean's Greatest XI Vote - Manager *POLL CLOSED*
The final poll in our Withdean Greatest XI series is arguably the most important - the man in the dugout. Four have lead the Albion to promotion, three winning the titles along the way. Throw in great escapes from relegation and it turns out we've actually been pretty blessed with the men in charge.
Withdean's Greatest XI Vote - Strikers *POLL CLOSED*
Bobby Zamora. Leon Knight. Nicky Forster. Glenn Murray. We've had some great centre forwards throughout the Withdean years, and our final players poll for the Withdean Greatest XI aims to find two to fill the position from a bumper field of fourteen strikers to have worn the stripes since 1999
Withdean's Greatest XI Vote - Central Midfield *POLL CLOSED*
It's a position that has given us two player-of-the-season winners, greats winding down their careers and up-and-coming talents Goal scorers, tough tacklers and natural leaders make up our poll for Withdeans Greatest Central Midfielder
Withdean's Greatest XI Vote - Left Wing *POLL CLOSED*
While the left side of midfield is a position that England has struggled to produce players for, the Albion have had no such trouble filling it during their time at Withdean. From the pace of Kazenga LuaLua to the trickery of Darren Currie, who do you think was the best to pull on the stripes?
Withdean's Greatest XI Vote - Right Wing *POLL CLOSED*
Our poll for Withdean's Greatest Right Winger has proved to be a particularly hard one to put together - so much so there are only five nominations. It will probably be a two horse race between the first man to hold down the position and the most recent, so let the battle commence!
Withdean's Greatest XI Vote - Centre Backs *POLL CLOSED*
Since we've been at Withdean, centre backs have won six of the ten player-of-the-season awards. Three promotions, particularly in the play-off season were built on strong defences. In our latest poll to find Withdean's Greatest XI, we're looking to fill both remaining spots in defence.
Withdean's Greatest XI Vote - Left Back *POLL CLOSED*
With the exception of Kerry Mayo, it feels like we've had a different left back every season since moving to Withdean. Loan players, youth team products moving onto better things and horrific injuries to internal organs have all played their part in the lack of consistency.
Withdean's Greatest XI Vote - Right Back *POLL CLOSED*
The Albion have been blessed with some attacking right backs since their arrival at Withdean. The likes of Paul Watson and Inigo Calderon have offered just as much of a goal threat as they have defensively. But who would you select to make the position their own in the Withdean Greatest XI?
Withdean's Greatest XI Vote - Goalkeeper *POLL CLOSED*
In our first poll to find out who you think would be the ultimate Brighton XI to represent the Seagulls from the Withdean years, we ask you to vote on our nine nominated goalkeepers. We've played 24 since moving back to Brighton in 1999, but who was the ultimate number one for you?
Withdean West Stand - The Worst Away End in the League
Portsmouth's visit in the FA Cup saw home fans given the option to sit in Withdean's West Stand, widely accepted to be the worst away end in the Football League. In the name of research, and not because it was the cheapest area to sit in, we decided to take up this rare opportunity.
Special Edition Kits
With the news that the Albion will wear an all-white one-off shirt away at Dagenham due to a kit clash, we take a look back at the clubs record of six special edition jerseys in seven seasons as the Seagulls look to overhaul Manchester United as the kings of new kits.