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Brighton and Hove Albion Songs for the Squad 2010/11

As far as inventiveness for player songs goes, Brighton and Hove Albion fans are a bit ropey when it comes to innovative and fresh songs. At we feel its about time we branched away from singing a players name to Tom Hark, or just sticking it at the end of "der der der der."

Following our unsuccessful attempts to turn pop music anthems into a song for Gus Poyet (which is a bloody good thing as "Gus Poyet my lord" when sung by three thousand under a decent roof does sound good) we have decided to turn our hand to putting together some songs for the newer players in the squad. 

Having led us to top spot in the League One table playing some of the best football in the league, here are some ideas for how they could be praised through the medium of music. Coming soon to a terrace near you:

Peter Brezovan - Macho Macho Man
A simple enough song that heaps praise upon the good looks and ability of our tall, dark, Slovakian custodian to the chorus of the Village People anthem Macho Man.
Pete-r Brezovan,
I want to be, Pete Brezovan
Matt Sparrow - Shoot That Poison Arrow
With a fine goal scoring record, an ABC song encouraging Matt Sparrow to score is just what the doctor ordered
Where did he come from - up north up north
Moved on a free down from Scunthorpe Scunthorpe
The perfect replacement for Crofts for Crofts
Shoot it Matty Sparrow in the goooaaallll
Shoot in Matty Sparrow
Radostin Kishishev - Walking on Broken Glass.
Kicking off with the first chorus of this excellent Annie Lennox anthem is a song praising the talents of the veteran Radostin Kishishev
Since you came to Withdean,
Our midfields the best,
You've helped pick the pieces up,
We're so happy that we've got Radostin Kishishev
Radostin, Radostin, Radostin Kish-i-shev
Mauricio Taricco - Rio
The floppy haired number two has had a big impact in helping sort out the defence, and as such deserves his own song set to Duran Duran's Rio
His name is Tano and he's Gus' right hand man
He's got some lovely hair and a promotion masterplan
And when he shouts it can be hard to understand
Oh Tano, Tano, Brighton are your biggest fan
Agustin Batipiedi - Club Tropicana
George Michael may have had his personal troubles, but it doesn't detract from his brilliant lyrical ability. We take one of his classics with Wham to create a song for Agustin Batipiedi.
He comes all the way from the place,
Where Maradona is embraced,
And Evita was a star,
They may have lost the Falklands War,
But that don't mean that he won't score
Or hit the bar
Battipiedi he was free,
From Argentina, he signed for Gus Poyet.
Now he's playing by the sea,
He is Brighton's Lionel Messi
Fran Sandanza - Tiny Dancer
Everybody loves a bit of Elton, and although his only real contribution thus far has been a last minute goal, the chorus of Tiny Dancer has been dedicated to striker Fran Sandanza
Hold me closer, Fran Sandanza,
You came all the way from Dundee,
You're hair is very very lovely,
I can't believe we got you for free,
Hold me closer, Fran Sandanza,
You'll love playing by the sea,
You scored the winner against Oldham,
If you were gay would you marry me?
Gordon Greer - Mama Mia
The new captain has been superb since his debut sending off against Rochdale. The ABBA classic Mama Mia is dedicated to the Scottish centre back
Gordon Greer, he is our captain,
My my, how'd we win without you?
Gordon Greer, he is a man mountain,
My my, Swindon must have missed you,
Yes, I was brokenhearted
When Virgo departed
But we know just why Gus let him go
Gordon Greer, you have really shown,
Why why, we should never have you sold
Casper Ankergren - Rock the Casbah
Signed on the eve of the new season, Casper Ankergren has been a revelation between the sticks. Here is his song to The Clash's Rock the Casbah
There was an injury to Brezovan,
And Michael Poke was dropped,
Mitch Walker was too young,
We needed a keeper who was top,
So Gus got in contact,
With a keeper he knew well,
He came here from Denmark,
Casper Ankergren is swell,
The other team are shooting,
Save it Casper, save it Casper,
Kazenga LuaLua - Lomana LuaLua The Song
This one is a shameless rip off of the song dedicated to his big brother that some genius has posted on YouTube, so it's simple - just replace Lomana with Kazenga!
See him dribbling,
See him passing,
See him dancing,
Such a star,
Kazenga, Kazenga, Kazenga LuaLua
Tony Bloom - Boom Boom Boom
He bought Gus here, paid for the squad and has built Falmer. It's only right that Tony Bloom has his own song as a bonus to all these great player creations
Bloom Bloom Bloom,
He built our stadium
He's got lots of money,
His squeaky voice is funny,