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If Brighton Players were Television Presenters...

BBC One's long running daytime television show Homes Under The Hammer is to get a new presenter for it's upcoming series - Dion Dublin!

The former Manchester United, Norwich and Coventry City star revealed on Twitter he is to make the move into television presenting which was met with overwhelming excitement.

This got us thinking that, frankly, there aren't enough former professional footballers earning their living on daytime television shows once their careers have wound down to an end - with the obvious exception of John "AWOOOOGA" Fashanu.

More pertinently, why haven't any people related with Brighton and Hove Albion gone into presenting? And now there is no need to fret, as we've put together a list of 14 excellent daytime television shows which we feel could prove to be the stage for various people from the Albion's past and present to open a new chapter in their lives and a new path in their careers.

Coach Trip - with Mark McGhee
Brendan remains a popular host of Coach Trip but he has not yet banned a contestant from travelling on the coach, forcing them to take a train home from Burnley at half time. And for that reason, Mark McGhee is the perfect man to take over.
Bargain Hunt - with David Burke
The basic aim of bargain hunt is to buy something cheap and sell it on for a profit. David Burke is an expert at buying stuff on the cheap as recent transfer windows under his command have shown. We'll just ignore that selling on for a profit bit.
The Chase - with Craig Mackail-Smith
He is a man whose game is largely built around running - more often than not like a headless chicken, aimlessly up and down and side to side. Craig Mackail-Smith would therefore make the perfect Chaser.
Masterchef - with Michel Kuipers
The Former Dutch Marine is one of the most popular players to have pulled on the shirt in recent years. He was of course also a chef which means his passion, dedication and er, cooking could be invaluable as a judge on Masterchef.
Changing Rooms - with Gus Poyet
The Changing Rooms teams became experts at redecorating houses in a short period of time, sometimes even carrying out extensive building work like removing a ceiling so it can't be hit. Surely a job for Poyet the Miracle Worker?
Top Gear - with Kemy Agustien
Jeremy Clarkson's sacking means there is a vacancy for Top Gear. Clarkson was known for speed, arrogance and a controversial approach. Kemy Agustien and his 39 driving licence points must be a candidate to replace him.
Cash in the Attic - with Paul Barber
Cash in the Attic is all about taking something you never knew you had and turning it into a profit. In other words, selling assets to make your household FFP compliant. Paul Barber - this is the television job you were born to do.
24 Hours in A&E - with Will Hoskins
Brighton have had all manner of injury prone players down the years who are used to seeing treatment rooms and medical experts more than football pitches. Will Hoskins can share presenting duties with Vicente and Paul Kitson.
Pointless - with any loan striker
Finding the most pointless answer is the premise behind Pointless. Finding the most pointless Albion loan striker is a similarly tough task, with Leon Best, Jonathan Obika, Leroy Lita and Billy Paynter all vying for the job.
Million Pound Drop - with David Stockdale
Despite a run of excellent performances, there are still those who question David Stockdale. For every five brilliant saves he makes there does appear to be a cock up waiting to happen - or in the world of television, a Million Pound Drop.
Man v Food - with Guy Butters
Long gone are the days when we would see a man of Guy Butters build wearing the stripes. His belly was nearly as big as his heart and if anybody in recent Albion history could take on the challenge of Man v Food, it's him.
Deal or No Deal - with Kazenga LuaLua
Remember when Kazenga LuaLua was due to appear in court after throwing a women's iPhone down a drain? He obviously doesn't get on well with phones so it is plainly obvious that that makes him an ideal fit for Deal or No Deal.