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Grand National 2018
Forget weights, form and ratings. When it comes to picking a Grand National winner, the only way to do it is by basing it on your favourite Albion player. Will it be Lord WinderGreer, Double Gross or Total ReCalderon who wins this year? You can select your horse with our Albion-ised race card.
What could Brighton buy for the price of Neymar?
The football world has officially gone mad. Paris Saint-Germain are set to pay Barcelona 198,000,000 for the services of Brazilian forward Neymar. This got us thinking - if Brighton and Hove Albion had that sort of money, what would we be able to spend it on?
Brighton and Hove Albion Political XI
Election fever is sweeping the country ahead of the 2017 General Election and we are certainly not immune it. We've put together an Albion Political XI featuring some of the greats. Would Theresa May prove a strong and stable goalkeeper like Chris May? Read on for more...
Grand National 2017
Want to have a bet on the 2017 Grand National but are unsure which horse to pick? Then fear not as we have Albion-ised the field. Simply find your favourite Brighton player from past or present on our list and stick a bet on the relevant horse. And remember to send us a share of your winnings.
Sod Southern - our alternative Amex transport guide
Sick of relying on Southern Rail to get you to and from the Amex after the shambles of the game against Aston Villa where fans were stranded before and after the game? Fear not, we've come up with 13 more reliable modes of transport to get you to and from matches.
Brighton and Hove Albion Oktoberfest
Looking to host a Brighton and Hove Albion themed Oktoberfest? Then look no further as we have put together a list of 16 beers for you to consider serving, including such greats as Sol-ly March, Sam Miguel Baldock and Elvis Mahou.
Britain v The EU - The Albion Referendum
Forget the EU referendum, this is the most important Europe-related vote of the summer. We've put together two teams - one comprising of British Albion players, the others players from the EU. But which would come out on top if they faced off against each other? We need your votes to find out.
Grand National 2016
Unsure who to bet on in this years Grand National? Fear not, we've chucked form, course and distance, RPRs and handicaps out the window and Brighton and Hove Albion-ised each horse in the greatest race in the world to help you pick a winner.
Brighton and Hove Albion Crisps
With the news that Walkers have released a set of special edition Vardy Salted crisps to celebrate Jamie Vardy breaking the Premier League scoring record, we've got eight flavours we'd like to see produced to commemorate the Albion's record breaking start to the 2015-16 season.
Brighton and Hove Albion Board Games
Brighton and Hove Albion have released their own version of Monopoly. This belated first forray into the world of board games led to get our thinking caps on and come up with ten other board games that could do with the Albion treatment.
Brighton and Hove Albion Halloween Party
The Albion have come up with the genius idea of hosting a Halloween Ghost Tour of The Amex. are such big fans of this that we have got on board by coming up with 16 players from past and present such as Johnny Pumpkin Football Genius who simply have to be involved.
Football Manager 2015 competition winner
We asked you to design a new Brighton and Hove Albion away kit for 2015-16 with the best entry winning a copy of Football Manager 2015 thanks to the guys at Cash Generator. There were plenty of high quality (cough) entries but one stood out. Go check out our winner...
If Brighton players were TV presenters...
After the fantastic news that Dion Dublin is to present Homes Under the Hammer, we have put together a list of daytime television shows that could be improved if they were to be presented by Brighton players past and present. And it does contain Mark McGhee on Coach Trip
Brighton v Arsenal - Half-Half Heaven
Arsenal's visit to The Amex in the FA Cup has already seen half-half scarves selling like hot cakes from the club shop. But have the club gone far enough in their merchandising? We put five more half-half ideas on the table that could really make the day memorable.
Dortmund style Brighton and Hove Albion Party?
To say sorry to their fans for such a shocking start to the Bundesliga campaign, Borussia Dortmund's players went behind the bar to serve pints at a Christmas Party. We take a look at what would happen if the Albion repeated this amazing gesture.
Design Crystal Palace a new Badge
Our friends up the road have got a laughable vote on for a new club badge. As you would expect for a tasteless club the designs are awful, so we're asking Brighton fans to get their creative juices flowing and design an emblem that truly reflects what Crystal Palace FC stands for.
BBC SCR Fans Phone In - Classic Calls
Remember when Ian Hart used to host the fans phone in on BBC Southern Counties, and he often had to deal with frankly ridiculous calls from the likes of Randy, Herb and of course, the legendary Leroy? Relive those days with this collection of classic phone in calls from 2006-2008.